Support Small Organic Businesses!

The Organic Boutique began as a space to support small organic businesses in the UK, whilst promoting the benefits of organic products to our health and the planet. We're still a new business and appreciate all your support so far!

Meet our Founder

"In early 2020, I decided to move away from the hustle and bustle, and back to the Oxfordshire countryside where I grew up. Surrounded by local organic businesses I began a journey of appreciating their products, quickly realising how much kinder they are to my health, but also our planet. 

I discovered that building an organic lifestyle was troublesome and meant I had to shop in many different places plus a lot of my time was spent researching which brands are actually organic.

From then on my mind was made up, I wanted to create a space where we could all discover and support small organic businesses, whilst giving people organic assurance. I now realise there is a collective want to move to organic. We have over 40 organic brands on our platform, and the journey has just begun…"

The Organic Boutique Way!

Being kind to yourself and our environment is at the heart of The Organic Boutique.

Inviting you on our sustainable journey working towards a mindful shopping experience, where creating a lifestyle can be done responsibly and guilt free. 

One place where you can discover, purchase and have delivered to your door in a sustainable manner, all your favourite and undiscovered strictly organic brands - born from a determination to make it effortless to live organically.