Balance Bundle

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Balance + Breathe

Feeling hormonal? Balance your skin and mood with this super trio. Be Soothed mist hydrates skin whilst keeping you cool and calm during hormonal flushes. Daily Detox face oil is then perfect for keeping breakout, oily and congested skin in check. Finally, feeling a bit stressed? Try applying our superhero Calm Balm to your pulse points, breathing in the soothing lavender and chamomile to help calm your mood.

Be Soothed Rose Mist - 100ml x 1

A mood and skin balancing blend of organic rose, cooling aloe vera and skin-conditioning glycerin, this feel good, floral mist hydrates and restores dull skin. Spritz gently onto your face to ground your mood, tone your skin and calm your mind. 

Daily Detox Face Oil - 20ml x 1

A rebalancing, lightweight oil that's rich in linoleic acid to target overactive sebaceous glands, helping to regulate oil production and calm irritation whilst tackling outbreaks. 

Calm Balm - 20g x 1

A dreamy, creamy blend of shea butter, lavender, roman chamomile and calendula to calm and relax your mind, soothe your skin and aid your sleep. Massage into your wrists, temples and the back of your neck before cupping your hands over your nose and mouth and taking a few deep and relaxing breaths.

Spritz face with Be Soothed Rose Mist for a burst of floral hydration, next apply a few drops of Daily Detox Oil to help balance natural oils in the skin. Finally massage the Calm Balm into wrists and temples and breathe deeply for a moment of calm.