Eco-Applicator Tampons | Very Light


Perfect for very light to light flow days
Our ultra-reliable premium organic cotton tampons with biodegradable cardboard applicators are designed to enhance your wellbeing. No synthetics. No harmful chemicals. No perfumes.

Better for your body, our planet and for womankind
#SISTERSFORSISTERS – We donate 10% of our profits to help tackle period poverty across the globe.

100% Organic. 100% Plastic-free. &SISTERS' organic cotton tampons are vegan-friendly, BPA-free & 100% hypoallergenic. Recommended by specialists, &SISTERS' tampons have been woven for maximum absorbency with widthways expansion & an octagonal design, giving you better protection, better fit & ultimate comfort. No chemicals, perfumes or colourants, &SISTERS certified organic cotton is Totally Chlorine Free (TCF). No nasties. Let’s keep it natural.

100% pure natural organic cotton fibres and cotton thread.