Multi Surface Spray


Greenscents Multi Surface Sprays are genuine all-rounders. These sprays are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and any other sealed surfaces, including wood and marble. Our unique formulation combines the best of natural ingredients with organic essential oils to create a top performing product that will leave your surfaces sparkling! Greenscents Multi Surface Sprays come in our full range of fragrance blends, including Citrus, Minty, Herbal, Lavender and Nonscents (non-fragranced).

Organic percentage: 79%

Greenscents multi-surface spray is easy to use.  One squirt from the spray head (equivalent to 1 ml) can be applied to a damp cloth or direct to a sealed surface.  Three squirts are enough to clean a full bath tub and taps.

The surface can then be wiped with a clean damp cloth or rinsed with water from the tap or shower head.  Drying with a clean tea towel will remove any smears and create a great shine.

Don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful aromas as you clean!

500ml – over 166 clean bath tubs
5 litres – over 1,666 clean bath tubs
 20 litres – over 6,666 clean bath tubs