Keto Kit


The Keto Diet can be found everywhere these days and we're here for it!

A Keto Diet is high in fat and low in carbs. It’s really well known because through eating this way, your body goes into ketosis and it burns fat to make things called ketones which can be used for energy.

When on this diet, you really want to be eating foods which are naturally high in fat – this is where we come in! Coconuts are a great food choice for a keto diet because they are high in natural fats.

So whether you’re a newbie and fancy giving this diet a try or you’re a keto-maestro, we’ve created this keto kit to fit all your keto requirements. To save you all the hard work, we’ve carefully selected our lowest carb coconut goodies to cameo in this keto kit.

  • MCT oil 
  • Coconut Milk 400ml
  • Coconut Cream 400ml
  • Coconut Vinegar 500ml 
  • Coconut Butter 200g 
  • Coconut Flour 500g 
  • UFC Velvet Coconut Milk 1L 
  • Desiccated Coconut 200g 
  • Tote Bag