Sleep Well Live Well Oils - No. 8 Sleep (30ml)

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The purest, natural ingredients that help soothe body and mind have been sourced to create this beautiful oil.

Made from pure cold pressed moringa oil and organic lavender essential oil it can be safely used on face, body and hair.

Place a few drops into your evening bath for a relaxing spa like experience. Massage into face hands and scalp for amazing moisturisation.

Moringa oil comes from the seed of the moringa tree (known as the miracle tree) contains 46 antioxidants and vitamins, is antibacterial and anti fungal. Known to improve fine lines, dark spots, acne prone skin, eczema, strengthen hair and give you a radiant glow without being greasy.

Our packaging is also plastic free, our bottles made from recycled glass with our glass dropper and aluminium stopper.

Please seek medical advice before using if pregnant