Fleur d’Orange Aqua Mist (150ml) – Certified Organic

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Our Certified Organic Fleur d’Orange Mist with a delicate citrus fragrance is a concentrated spray that hydrates, rejuvenates and energises your skin at any time of day. Its fine texture envelops the face in a cloud of freshness.

Our Organic Fleur d’Orange Mist is 100% pure floral water that is distilled with Neroli essential oil and infused with concentrated Marine Phytoplankton (CMP). It cools and refreshes, smooths and moisturises your skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully hydrated and delicately scented.

It corrects the visible signs of ageing and supports the vitality of your skin.  With the addition of wild Marine Phytoplankton , harvested directly from the Canadian Pacific Ocean, it is full of rare sea minerals and amino acids.

This mist continues to restore and energise cell structure ensuring that your skin is well nourished.

Fleur d’Orange Water helps fight skin blemishes including acne, dermatitis and eczema. It tones and cools your skin, helping it gain a more youthful appearance whether at home, at the beach or on a plane.

Its fine mist will envelop your face in a delicately scented, cloud of freshness.  Rejuvenate yourself!

Spray generously over face, neck and body.

Organic Neroli (Citrus Aurantium Amara) floral water
Marine Phytoplankton