Organic Pomegranate Extract

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Juices can be high in sugar and it’s difficult to drink or eat enough pure pomegranate to really take advantage of the fruit’s nutrients. Our True Veda Pomegranate vegetable capsules are unique as they contain Punicalagins. Punicalagins are extracted in a natural way from Pomegranate and are water-soluble, highly bioavailable and absorbed by the body at a rate of up to 95%! No other supplement gets close!

60 Easy Swallow Capsules


Punicalagins are unique pomegranate compounds which are native within pomegranate at high concentrations. When punicalagins break up into ellagic acid during processing and storage of juices and extracts, their ability to offer benefits is wasted. But, when punicalagins are preserved and then consumed, they can offer the researched benefits of ellagic acid, which can only be absorbed in this way. Punicalagins are 100% water-soluble, highly bioavailable, and supported by safety data. They are shown to possess a high absorption rate up to 95% and punicalagins offer a powerful kick on their own to really help and nourish your body. And best of all – it’s all natural!