Unwind Gift Set


Soothe + Calm

Our Unwind Gift Set will give you and your skin some well deserved me time. We've teamed our De-Stress Face Mask with our best-selling Calm Balm to help support neglected skin and frazzled minds. Self-care sorted.

De-Stress Face Mask - 50g x 1

A super-soothing treatment for dry, neglected skin and frazzled minds. Gentle enough to calm inflammation and redness on even the most sensitive skin types. 

Calm Balm - 20g x 1

A dreamy, creamy blend of shea butter, lavender, roman chamomile and calendula to calm and relax your mind, soothe your skin and aid your sleep. Massage into your wrists, temples and the back of your neck before cupping your hands over your nose and mouth and taking a few deep and relaxing breaths.