Wellness Bundle


As the seasons change, we all need to boost our immunity and fight off those coughs and colds. We like to make things easy, so we’ve bundled together some of our top products to help you stay healthy.

Contains: Coconut oil, Coconut vinegar, Coconut honey, Moringa powder and Coconut oil with turmeric, Wooden spoon and our very own Coconut Merchant tote bag

Save £10.95, or 40% off total cost if bought separately!

Everything included in the bundle is 100% natural, organic, vegan-friendly and, as always, ethically sourced.

This a highly versatile kit that can be used in any way that you wish to help meet your needs, from our coconut honey that goes great in a warm cup of honey and lemon tea to our cinnamon and moringa powders that work great in smoothies or even in your cooking. Not to mention you save 40% off and even receive a free wooden spoon and coconut merchant tote bag. The bundle contain 250g coconut honey, 250ml coconut vinegar, 500ml coconut oil with turmeric, 70g moringa powder and 35ml coconut oil. Everything in this range as with all our products are 100% natural, vegan friendly and ethically sourced. So what's holding you back!

Coconut oil: 100% Organic Coconut

Coconut vinegar: 100% Organic Coconut

Coconut honey: 100% Coconut Nectar

Moringa powder: Organic Moringa 100%

Coconut oil with turmeric: 100% Organic Coconut + Curcumin