White Pipali Pearls (4 x 100g)

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BoTree White Pipali Pearls: Our White Pipali Pearls are a little piece of seasoning genius. These are the tiny seeds inside long pepper, and not just any pepper but red Kampot long pepper. Carefully removed and sun dried to give you a wonderful taste of South East Asia warm, peppery, spicy sweetness bursting with aniseed, ginger, nutmeg, and tropical fruit flavours.

Rarely seen today, long pepper was once commonplace in cuisines around the world. This ancient exotic treasure could be found gracing dishes across Asia as well as in ancient Rome and Renaissance Europe. Today, pipali (or piper lung, long pepper) still lends it's warm and pungent aromatic flavour to preparations in Nepal, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course Cambodia. The tiny White Pipali Pearls can be used as they are - just need to sprinkle these little gems, no grinding or chasing around a mortar and pestle required.  Add to your favourite curry blend for an elevated garam masala taste. Wonderful in Thai and Japanese soups and stews.